Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ama Ama at Disney's Aulani

Lunch and Dinner at Disney's Ama Ama at Aulani

We had both lunch and dinner at Ama Ama.  Over our three night stay, we actually had lunch here twice and it was not only much better than our dinner meal, but also probably one of the smartest options for lunch.  Compared to the counter service restaurants, a meal here was only a few dollars more for lunch and you didn't have the crowds, plastic silverware, etc... Instead, you get this amazing view! 

View to the left looking from the restaurant's patio.

View to the right looking from the restaurant's patio.

For our first lunch, I had the pasta primavera with chicken.  Amazingly, you don't find a whole lot of vegetables on the menus throughout Hawaii, so, this was refreshing.  It was also delicious.  I think it was $16, but $21 with chicken.  It was a very hearty portion and definitely worth the price considering the options.

My husband had the cheeseburger on the first trip for lunch and I repeated his choice for our second lunch there.  This was one really good cheeseburger and it was huge!  It had a red onion jam on it that was simply delicious.  On top of that, the fries were excellent.  They were crisp, but tender and seasoned perfectly.

For lunch on the second day, he chose the parmesan panko pork loin sandwich on Japanese white bread with Tonkatsu sauce.  Having traveled often to Japan for work over the past few years, this was reminiscent of some of the dishes he had while over there.  Although, he enjoyed it, I found him ogling that cheeseburger that was on my plate!  He knew how good it was from the day before.

For some reason, I can't put my finger on the pictures from our dinner.  I had the filet and he had a vegetarian option.  Both of these meals were less than exciting and less impressive than lunch at a much higher price tag.  I had specifically made a reservation for Friday night because it was the night before we were leaving, but also because there was supposed to be live music.  By the time we were seated shortly after 8 PM, the band was roaming and wrapped up with one or two songs.  So, there was not only no live music really, but also, the view kind of disappears at night.  The live music in the bar area closer to the main building was much better too from what we heard.  So, given the choice, lunch was a much smarter choice here!

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